Church History

During the late years of the 1800's, a group of families gathered at the home of Mr. Charley and Mrs. Mattie Allen to pray and raise their voices in song. There was no church in this neighborhood and this was their way of satisfying a spiritual void in their lives.

It was through those uplifting voices that others in the community would come and participate in an effort to fulfill their spiritual needs. As the group that was meeting in Charley and Mattie's home increased in size, so did the desire and need for a community church. At some point the dream of a church formed in their minds and the dream became a vision and then the vision a reality. It was through determination, commitment, and the faith of this small group of God-fearing individuals that the path for what would become Rock Hill Baptist Church No. 1 was laid.

In organizing, several deacons were borrowed from neighboring churches to assist with the planning of the new church. Land was purchased; slabs of wood donated, members and friends gave their time and free labor, and in 1885 Rock Hill Baptist church was born. The original name for the church was Rock Hill Colored Church. It is said that the name Rock Hill was given because the church sat on a hill and because of the rocky nature of the soil around the area.

The church began in a modest setting furnished by wooden benches and lit by kerosene lamps. From these humble beginnings the Rock Hill Baptist Church No. 1 has grown into what stands before us today, 128 years later.

In these years we have been served by 19 pastors. We thank God for the faithful men of God and their families who have served our congregation.

As a church, Rock Hill Baptist Church #1 has truly been blessed by the goodness of God. It hasn't been an easy road, for there have been trials and tribulations, but through it all we have learned that God's grace is sufficient. With a strong determination and made up minds, we walk forward in prayer, faith, and unity as we continue to build on a strong foundation.

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