Church Officers

Pastor - Rev. Willie J. Choice
Deacon Ministry Chairman - Deacon Alvin Chiles
Trustee Ministry Chair - Bro. Perry Campbell
Pastor's Secretary - Sis. Nora Sullivan
Financial Secretary - Sis. Linda Downs
Church Secretary - Sis. Angelia Clark Robinson

Associate Ministers

Rev. James T. Dendy - Chairman
Rev. James Booker, Jr.
Rev. Marvin McKinney
Evangelist. Frances McGreer
Evangelist Elaine Mims


Children's Church - Sis. Jean Earle
Deaconess Ministry - Sis. Linda Chiles
Decorating Committee - Dr. Sherlene Davis and Sis. Deborah Crouch
Food Service Ministry - Sis. Tracena Tarrant
Graveyard Committee - Bro. Elbert L. Todd
Music Ministry - Bro. Demetrius Johnson
    Youth Choir - Sis. Tracy McBride
    Mass Choir - Bro. Tramaine Farmer
   Male Chorus - Rev. J. T. Dendy
   Percussionist - Bro. Reginald Neely
   Guitarist - Ernest Ramsey, Jr.
Pastor's Aid Ministry - Sis. Phyllis Gowens
Senior Missionary Ministry - Sis. Isabella Todd
Sunday School Ministry - Bro. Mark Frazier
Transportation Ministry - Bro. Michael Henderson
Media Marketing - Bro Lance Brice
Ushers Ministry - Sis. Tracena Tarrant
Youth Ministry - Sis. Evonne Farmer, Director
YWA Ministry - Sis. Robbie Adams
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